Private Water Wells

O’Rourke Well Drilling Ltd. are a leading provider of water wells to domestic and commercial clients throughout the Leinster area. A water well can be an extremely beneficial addition to your home or business. Primarily, a water well allows you to draw your own fresh, clean water on site eliminating the need to rely on county councils to provide your water.
Fresh water drawn from a private well is naturally filtered, untreated by chemicals and is solely for your private use. Having a water well installed is also seen as an investment, with the ability to lower utility costs and increase the value of your home or business.
Due to the absence of chemical treatments, water wells are the most environmentally friendly option when it comes to sourcing your water.

Bedrock Drilling

Once a suitable site for the well has been established, we draw clean water by drilling into the bedrock – tapping into the reserves of fresh water located in the cracks. Water flow from the source is monitored to ensure you receive an adequate amount for your home or business. We will never drill above or below your requirements, making our services as hassle-free as possible.